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Please refer to the following link to my blog for doing energy studies 
in the State of Washington:
In the topic "eQuest Detailed Editor Checklist" under the heading 
"Doors & Windows" there are some BDL expressions that may be of some use
to you.
They are for centering windows on walls, defining the windows to be a
fixed percentage 
of the parent wall, etc. but should provide a good starting point to 
do what you're asking.  See DOE2 documentation under "Expressions"...
Hope that Helps...

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I am creating an energy model for a LEED project.  In "baselining" the
building, one of the stipulations of ASHRAE 90.1 2004 is that the
windows must be evenly distributed in horizontal bands on each facet of
the facade.  My building has 17 facets due to a somewhat complicated
design and I am wondering if anyone knows a relatively straightforward
way to accomplish that distribution.  One of my problems is that in the
Design Development Wizard, there are only 4 areas in which to enter
percentages (N., E., S., W.) which doesn't seem to work on a building
with so many facets.  On the other hand, it seems tedious to go into
each window and adjust its percentage.  Is there a more elegant way to
adjust window proportions globally?  I am thinking a parametric run
might be the best solution.  Can anyone provide some insight on this?

Thank you!
Andrew McNamara

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