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Kevin Kyte kkyte at robsonwoese.com
Mon Oct 22 07:29:49 PDT 2007

Dear All,


I would like some guidance concerning methodologies for systematically
meeting unmet hour requirements as indicated in ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Appendix
G3.1.2.2.  When all building systems are believed to be correctly entered
and unmet hours are out of range.  I know I can make certain changes to this
model to obtain less than 300 unmet hours.  Is there any unspoken hierarchy
of steps to input changes?  Or is it all just guesswork?  Is there anything
that is a no-no and should not be changed?  Specifically, I have a project
in which the building energy management system allows cooling when the
temperature is above 55°F leading to several thousand unmet hours for this
heating dominated building with unusually high insulation and solar
transmittance values and way oversized existing equipment.  If I making
cooling available year round then gone, all better.  Of course there is that
graph that shows how cooling in the winter is over half the cooling in used
in summertime.  Or should I go through each zone and systematically  change
occupancies, equipment wattages, outside airflows, bogus baseboard heating
(anything else I can fit in here) and then do several hundred iterations of
simulations until someday I may finally have under 300 unmet hours for this

 standard.  Do I even need to meet this 300 hours, for LEED purposes I
would have to, correct?


Yours thoughts, PLEASE?


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