[Bldg-sim] Baseline Fan Power vs. Proposed Fan Power

Robby Oylear robbyo at rushingco.com
Fri Jan 4 12:51:12 PST 2008

In calculating the fan power for the baseline system I used the equation
in section G3.1.2.9.  For my proposed building I took the bhp from the
equipment submittals and used the same equation in G3.1.2.9 to convert to
kW in order to calculate my kW/CFM input in eQUEST.  However, after doing
this I get an error when running the simulation due to the air passing
over my chilled water coils being less than 6 deg F more than my chilled
water temperature.  After looking into the problem I found that eQUEST is
calculating a higher fan heat gain than what was shown in the submittal,
based on the kW/CFM input.  I then noticed that if I use a standard
conversion from bhp to kW (1 bhp = 0.7457 kW), I get a lower kW.  Am I
correctly using equation G3.1.2.9 for the proposed fan power or should I
just be doing a standard conversion?  It doesn't seem possible to get the
right temperature across the coil without calculating my proposed fan kW


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