[Bldg-sim] Baseline Fan Power vs. Proposed Fan Power

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Either way the kW should be somewhat close unless you are performing the calculation incorrectly. I know this is quite possible, since a while back, as a test, I gave the nightmare formula in the 2004 version of Appendix G and a bhp to three engineers in my office and got three different answers! That said, the correct way to do it is to convert bhp directly to kW. Don't forget to include the efficiency of the motor in the calculation. By the way, that formula will be gone as soon as the 2007 version of Appendix G is published.  


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>>> "Robby Oylear" <robbyo at rushingco.com> 1/4/2008 12:51:12 PM >>>
In calculating the fan power for the baseline system I used the equation
in section G3.1.2.9.  For my proposed building I took the bhp from the
equipment submittals and used the same equation in G3.1.2.9 to convert to
kW in order to calculate my kW/CFM input in eQUEST.  However, after doing
this I get an error when running the simulation due to the air passing
over my chilled water coils being less than 6 deg F more than my chilled
water temperature.  After looking into the problem I found that eQUEST is
calculating a higher fan heat gain than what was shown in the submittal,
based on the kW/CFM input.  I then noticed that if I use a standard
conversion from bhp to kW (1 bhp = 0.7457 kW), I get a lower kW.  Am I
correctly using equation G3.1.2.9 for the proposed fan power or should I
just be doing a standard conversion?  It doesn't seem possible to get the
right temperature across the coil without calculating my proposed fan kW


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