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Attached is some input from one of my main resources.
Stirling Walkes

>>> "Geoff McDonell" <GMcDonell at omicronaec.com> 1/7/2008 9:39 AM >>>

Geez, “do I have info…”  Well, there are already Australian people
designing radiant slab systems – they should talk to Shane Esmore at
Umow Lai- Link:
Shane Esmore e-mail:  shane.esmore at umowlai.com.au 
I’ll also attach my list of radiant slab cooling projects here that you
can pass on – it is by no means complete, but provides some examples of
what that guy is looking for.  I hope you’ve sent him a link for the
Manitoba Hydro Building as well.  It’s topped off and getting the skin
placed now.
If there is anything else I can help with, don’t hesitate to call.

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G McD do you have info relative to this.



>>> "hamnmegs at ozemail.com.au" <hamnmegs at ozemail.com.au> 1/6/2008 6:54
PM >>>
My company, Bovis Lend Lease, is potentially going to be involved in
the design & construct of a high rise ofice building employing active
mass ceilings (high temperature CHW through the structural slab exposed
to the occupied space below) in combination with underfloor air using
19C or so air supplied through Krantz type swirl diffusers.  Being in
Sydney Australia the focus is on cooling rather than heating although
perimeter heating would be provided via a separate underfloor air AHU or
trench heating etc.

The system offers IEQ and energy efficiency advantages in theory ...
though there are a number of fitout and construction challenges.

We are aware of numerous German and Swiss built examples of this type
of system, but understand the Canadians have been applying this type of
system in places thus I am hopeful this forum can assist with my query. 
I would appreciate any information on buildings in operation or
construction with active mass cooling / ceilings outside of Germany and
Switzerland.  Building names and locations as a minimum, but any other
information would be kindly received ...

Graham Carter
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