[Bldg-sim] validation for Daylighting calculations in Energy plus?

Astrid Roetzel astrid.roetzel at hcu-hamburg.de
Tue Jan 8 03:43:12 PST 2008

Dear all,

I am intending to do a parametric daylighting study for office rooms and 
I am thinking about using the detailed Energy Plus calculation method, 
because I am using E+ for thermal simulations anyway.
Does anybody know if or in how far the detailed EnergyPlus Daylighting 
calculation method is validated? Is there a detailed description of the 
validation and the calculation method available somewhere?

Thank you in advance,

best regards,

Astrid Roetzel


Dipl. Ing. Astrid Roetzel

HafenCity University Hamburg
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22297 Hamburg, Germany

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