[Bldg-sim] [Fwd: neighboor building] Where's the answers?

Andrew Holden andrew at heliosltd.com
Fri Jan 25 09:17:20 PST 2008

Randy - To me it seems that the issue is the way the reply headers are 
set up on this list, it defaults to replying only to the person that 
asked the question.

It's better now, at least it adds bldg-sim as a CC if you reply to all, 
it didn't used to do that (if I remember correctly from years ago).

I agree with your frustration that there is a huge body of knowledge 
being lost because of that however I don't want to be critical because 
it's a free list and I know from my own experience that administering 
these types of lists is time consuming so overall I am grateful to the 
list owner and administrator.


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Randy Wilkinson wrote:
> It sounds like you got the answer you needed by private email, then you 
> thanked them publicly on this list.  You are defeating one of the 
> primary purposes of this list.
> Please people, when you are sharing your knowledge with people who ask 
> for your help, please REPLY TO THE ENTIRE MAILING  LIST.  Don't just 
> reply to them privately.  That way everyone can benefit from your 
> experience and opinions.  And , the questions don't have to be asked 
> over and over again.
> Randy
> Ümit Esiyok wrote:
>> Jiten, Kevin, Oswaldo thank you.
>> ------------------------ Ursprüngliche Nachricht -------------------------
>> Betreff: [Bldg-sim] neighboor building
>> Von:     Ümit Esiyok <umit.esiyok at uni-dortmund.de>
>> Datum:   Fr, 25.01.2008, 11:27
>> An:      bldg-sim at lists.onebuilding.org
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Dear All,
>> anyone knows how can be a shading caused by neighboor building simulated
>> in e-Quest? Have you any experience?
>> Regards
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