[Bldg-sim] Where's the answers?

David S Eldridge DSE at grummanbutkus.com
Fri Jan 25 11:16:39 PST 2008

At the same time, we may e-mail someone off-list for an item where an
opinion or discussion is offered that isn't intended for the list on
purpose.  In those cases, don't feel like you have to recap the whole
thing for everyone.

I agree that if you receive multiple off-list replies that successfully
resolve your issue, please post a summary, not necessarily naming names.


> I agree with your frustration that there is a huge body of knowledge
> being lost because of that however I don't want to be critical because
> it's a free list and I know from my own experience that administering
> these types of lists is time consuming so overall I am grateful to the
> list owner and administrator.
> -Andrew

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