[Bldg-sim] Modeling tool for daylight, Energy, Thermal comfort analysis

Timothy McDowell mcdowell at tess-inc.com
Thu Apr 21 07:16:56 PDT 2011

If you are using TRNSYS for your comfort analysis, why not use it for your
energy analysis as well?


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From: "Rathna Shree" <rathnashreep at yahoo.in>
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Subject:[Bldg-sim] Modeling tool for daylight, Energy,Thermal comfort

Dear All,Can you please suggest the best modeling tool which has the
capabilities to perform Daylight simulation, Thermal comfort analysis in
non AC spaces of a building and Energy simulation.I am using dialux for
daylight simulation, Visual Doe for Energy simulation and Transys for
Thermal comfort analysis. I am inputting the same details thrice in
different softwares. So is there any software which can perform all the 3
analysis in one go.Regards,Rathnashree
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