[Bldg-sim] ASHRAE 90.2 Modelling for Estidama (Abu Dhabi)

Claire Das Bhaumik ClaireDasBhaumik at hoarelea.com
Wed Apr 27 01:29:00 PDT 2011

Thanks for the replies so far. I am using Tas 9.2.1 software for this
one, but we also have IES available.


Our approach at the moment is to use the same system type in the
prescriptive as in the proposed model but using limiting efficiencies
(etc.) in the prescriptive model. Lighting, equipment and occupancy
gains would be the same in each.


Not many limiting values are actually given in the 90.2 document - it
generally says to use federal law. Table 6.9 only gives values for GSHP
and split systems, which are considered to be 'non-federally covered'.
The nearest thing we have to federal law is the emerging Abu Dhabi
International Building Code, which is found on the Estidama website.
This has a section entitled 'International Energy Conservation Code'
giving specifications for the Standard Reference and Proposed Designs. 


I believe it would be acceptable to use this document for values not
explicitly given in the Estidama or 90.2 documents.


Dr Claire Das Bhaumik

Senior Environmental Modeller



Virtual Engineering


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