[Bldg-sim] Off topic but life cycle costing related

Chris Jones cj at enersave.ca
Sun Aug 5 11:49:03 PDT 2012

Part of the sustainable building practice is the life cycle costs of 
systems and materials used in the project.

I am looking for a source to help determine the environmental impact 
of importing things like natural beach stones and other materials 
that are gathered, washed sorted and shipped from other continents to 
North America.  So items that are not processed like cement, steel, 
etc.  Sort of like the embodied energy but the embodied environmental 
impact.  From disturbing a beach and the surrounding waters, to the 
fuel used for gathering, packing, shipping and transporting to the 
final destination.

This particular project is installing a large, natural beach stone 
mosaic at the main entrance to the building.  The stones are 
uniformly light and dark - a "black and white" motif.  The reference 
material is beach stones that could be gathered from beaches within 3 
miles - hand picked and transported by bicycle, wheel barrow,etc.

The material selected is shipped from Indonesia to Toronto.

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