[Bldg-sim] Unit conversion in design Builder

Jim Dirkes jim at buildingperformanceteam.com
Wed Jun 13 04:11:29 PDT 2012

You should probably address this to the DesignBuilder Help Desk. DB allows
you to specify the import units, but since you apparently did this and it
works well in previous versions, it may be a bug in v105.  (and therefore
should be reported to DB)

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Hello ALL....
My Name is Sheelam Khare.  I am doing M.Tech in Energy Engineering.My
project is on Building Simulation and modeling, for this I am using
the Design Builder Software version-     I am facing problem
of unit conversion. My Drawing is in millimeters and I also commanded the
same at the Unit tab while importing the drawing,but it is taking the values
in the ft which is not required. So please give me some suggestion in making
the correct building model.

Sheelam Khare....
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