[Bldg-sim] 90.1 Section 5.6 envelope trade off

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Hi Chris,

If it's any help, I understand COMcheck is still being actively updated as I get notifications pretty often re: updates.  Considering COMcheck is inclusive of a fairly wide range of standards, some of which are state/locality-specific, you might find the folks responsible for updating/developing the software receptive to including another set of prescriptive standards if you ask the question.

Best of luck!


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Again the problem wit COMcheck is the prescribed envelope characteristic don't match the new Ontario Building Code values.  It is unfortunate that COMCheck and ENVSTD have those values hard coded.  It would have been great if those programs had been constructed with a database that was open for revision based on the local jurisdictions requirements.

I have found a volunteer to help develop a WEB based solution.  Don't hold you breath, it is a spare-time project.

At 05:01 PM 14/06/2012, Gowri, Krishnan wrote:

Nick is right, COMcheck is based on Appendix-C envelope trade-off equations.  It uses Appendix-A U-factor calculation methods for all recent 90.1 versions and state codes based on 90.1.  I do not know of any active updates to ENVSTD, so you may want to consider using COMcheck for trade-off compliance.

COMcheck (desktop/web) software and technical support documents are available at:  http://www.energycodes.gov/software.stm#tabs-2

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If I?m not mistaken, the trade-off approach is what COMcheck?s (free software) is built around for envelope compliance calculations.  Don?t believe it gets much easier ;).


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