[Bldg-sim] Modeling Centralized Water-to-Water HPs with Geothermal HPs using EE4

Chris Jones cj at enersave.ca
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Ahmed, if I understand correctly:
1. There is a ground loop that feeds 
water-to-water heat pumps.  These heat pumps 
provide heating and cooling to the make-up air 
systems - both heating and cooling coils in each 
unit so there are two loops - the hot water loop and the chilled water loop?

2.  There are WSHP units in each suite - the loop 
feeding this units comes straight from the 
ground?  Or is the temperature maintained by the 
water-to-water loop after the ground source loop?

The answers will help determine the best way to 
model starting with EE4.  You may have to finish 
the modelling by editing the .DOE file.

At 03:21 PM 22/06/2012, Ahmed Azhari wrote:
>Hi Brian,
>Thanks for your reply.
>This is the scenario; two make up air units 
>provide fresh air into condominium corridors. 
>The heating and cooling coils are fed from 
>water-to-water heat pumps. In each suite, there is a ground source heat pump.
>If i follow your suggestion, I create a 
>CombinationGSHP plant with MAU system (perhaps i 
>should choose 2-pipe FCU system) and assign only 
>the zones with the corridors (since fresh air is dumped into corridors).
>The second plant would be Geothermal system with 
>a dummy MAU system and assign suite zones under 
>that system. I should set the fresh air 
>quantities to zero in the suites since fresh air 
>has been taken care off in the first plant?
>Do you think this is a good presentation of the system?
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>Water-to-Water HPs with Geothermal HPs using EE4
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>Hi Ahmed,
>You can define multiple plants in EE4 – what if 
>you created one plant for your centralized 
>water-to-water heat pumps and a second plant for your distributed heat pumps?
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>Subject: [Bldg-sim] Modeling Centralized 
>Water-to-Water HPs with Geothermal HPs using EE4
>I’m using EE4 (Canadian Energy Modeling 
>Software) to model centralized water-to-water 
>heat pumps system which provides hot/chilled 
>water to make up air unit heating and cooling 
>coils respectively, there are also distributed 
>ground source heat pumps in the spaces which are 
>connected to the ground to extract/reject heat. 
>This combination of systems are not supported in 
>EE4, does anyone know of a work-around to model such system?
>I appreciate any input on this ...
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