[Bldg-sim] Radiance for ECOTECT

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Hi Vaibhav,

That's because falsecolor is actually a Perl script, so it appears as "falsecolor.pl" in your radiance/bin folder, and rview was renamed "rvu.exe" a number of years ago due to a common naming conflict with an alias to vi on unix systems. The objview script has also been reimplemented in Ruby so Windows users can enjoy that utility as well.

Of course this means that to use falsecolor.pl, you need Perl installed on your system, and to use objview.rb, you need Ruby (recommend version 1.8.7) installed. Not sure if the bldg-sim list accepts attachments, so I'll send you our latest Radiance install instructions in a separate email.

Happy raytracing!

- Rob

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On 10/19/12 7:35 AM, "Vaibhav Jain" <vaibhav.energyarchitect at gmail.com<mailto:vaibhav.energyarchitect at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi Robert,

Thank you for the last discussion.

After installing the Radiance Windows (32bit) from NREL's website, I find that there are no executable files for falsecolor.exe and rview.exe in the bin folder. Do you know why? Has there been any change in the new version? Thank you!

Best regards,
Vaibhav Jain

On 3 August 2012 18:48, Guglielmetti, Robert <Robert.Guglielmetti at nrel.gov<mailto:Robert.Guglielmetti at nrel.gov>> wrote:
You can download installers for Radiance for Windows, MacOS, and Linux from NREL's OpenStudio website:


We will be updating them regularly as new features are added, as well.

Happy rendering!

- Rob Guglielmetti
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Where can I find full installation of Radiance to work with Ecotect Analysis?

Shikhar Mohan
Architect/Energy Analyst
M : +91 9687167536<tel:%2B91%209687167536>

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