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On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 1:30 PM, Michael J Witte <mjwitte at gard.com> wrote:

> For the past several years there have been two annual releases of DOE’s
> energy simulation engine EnergyPlus, in April and October. In 2014, we are
> skipping the April release. EnergyPlus has recently been translated from
> FORTRAN to C++ (see announcement at http://energy.gov/eere/
> articles/energyplus-boosts-building-efficiency-help-autodesk), and
> additional time was needed to complete the transition which included not
> only the program itself but also its development environment and processes.
> The transition is expected to be fully complete in the summer. The next
> EnergyPlus release will be in the fall of 2014, and we hope to announce a
> firm date—as well as new features—in the next month or two.
> The EnergyPlus Development Team
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