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Good afternoon Donald,


The reviewers only flag area discrepancies in the energy model if the areas
differ by more than 5-10% (gross versus net). All areas within the building
shell should be included in the models whether conditioned,
semi-conditioned, or unconditioned. If all areas are included in the models
and the variance is within 5-10%, I would not worry about it and just
include a narrative explaining the difference with your submission.


As for the architect, each modeling software has limitations which can
result in variances. Some of the possible issues which can contribute to
variances are rounding off of the dimensions for each space, curved walls in
the footprint, only modeling interior dimensions versus exterior dimensions,
etc. Again, if you are within 5-10% of the total gross area, the impact on
the modeling results tends to be negligible.


I hope this helps.  Have a nice day.


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I ran an eQuest model of a LEED building but the architect I work with noted
that the areas from eQuest do not exactly match the actual areas of the
rooms. Is this an issue that will be flagged by USGB? If so how can I change
the areas in my eQuest model without losing all the data points I've


Thank you. 



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