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Hi Danielle.

Based on a proposed code change that's proposed for inclusion in NECB 2015, which clarify the description, this is what I understand it is :

-       "Personal control" => Full manual on/off control

-       "Occupancy-Sensing Mechanism - Manual" => Full manual on/off control (i.e. same as above)

-       "Occupancy-Sensing Mechanism - Automatic" => full auto on/off control

Other type of controls (bi-level, auto off/manual on) are not accounted for in NECB 2011 Section 4.3.



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Hi Danielle -

I don't have a quick answer to your question but just to let you and other interested individuals know the Users' Guide  for the NECB 2011 is now available (released a couple weeks back) for purchase at the following link https://commerce-irc.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/nrcb2c/b2c/display/(xcm=NRC-R3PITREX&layout=6_1_65_54_5_2&uiarea=2&ctype=areaDetails&carea=0000000064)/.do

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Subject: [Bldg-sim] NECB 2011 - Interpretation of


Quick question about the NECB 2011 (Section There are different factors (credits to account for):

-          "Personal control"

-          "Occupancy-Sensing Mechanism - Manual"

-          "Occupancy-Sensing Mechanism - Automatic"

What is meant by each of these? I'm assuming:

-          Personal Control - An on/off switch or task light.

-          Occupancy-Sensing Mechanism - Manual: A push-button for an occupancy override with timer (no switch).

-          Occupancy-Sensing Mechanism - Automatic: An automatic occupancy sensor.

If anyone can confirm my interpretation is correct, that would be great. Thanks.

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