[Bldg-sim] Spectral transmittance of thin film PV window application for EnergyPlus

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Thanks very much. That is a great article by the way. I do not have a
measuring system right now but that is certainly an option in the future
if this goes anywhere. In the meantime I am realizing that there may be
templates to do this in Open Studio/Energy Plus as a preassembled system
(replacement/new windows) as opposed to overlaying an existing
installation. So if anyone is aware of published results of this type of
thing that would be great; I will also go looking.



> Hi Bill,
> I recommend measuring the transmission spectrum of the specific glazing
> you are interested. The measurement could be done using a standard
> spectrometer and an integrating sphere, as long as the wavelength range
> is broad enough (about 300nm to 2000nm should be fine). You do not need
> a fine resolution of the wavelength bands.
> This may be of interest:
> Color rendering properties of semi-transparent thin-film PV modules
> http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0360132312000492
> Cheers, Lars.
>> Hi all,
>> Does anyone have a resource (a completed study, web site, or
>> methodology)
>> for understanding the changes to spectral transmittance (and thus solar
>> heat gain in spaces) based upon adding transparent thin film PV to a
>> window assembly - or guidance for how to model this in EnergyPlus or
>> Open
>> Studio? Right now, all we seem to find is very general information about
>> transmittance in broad areas of the spectrum, and it doesn't seem good
>> enough for modeling in EnergyPlus. Maybe someone has run these through
>> LBNL's Window program? Any help would be fantastic.
>> Thanks,
>> Bill
>> Bill Collinge, PhD
>> Post-Doctoral Associate
>> Swanson School of Engineering
>> University of Pittsburgh
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