[Bldg-sim] Is the IGDB (LBNL Window) up to date?

Robin Mitchell rdmitchell at lbl.gov
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The IGDB is updated every two months with new submittals from manufacturers, which is the only way that the database is updated. We only delete records when requested to do so by the manufacturer, so there is data in the IGDB that goes back many years. In the WINDOW Glass Library you can sort by IGDB version (by clicking on the “Source” column header) so you can see the oldest and newest records that way. 


The current IGDB version is 36.0 and is available for download on our website:





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I don't use it most of the time, but when I have I've found that there's a lot of old data on there. And, if there is new data it can get a bit swamped.


I'm sure one of the issues is regional variations in glazing markets.


Your thoughts?



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