[Bldg-sim] Chilled beam Vs conventional VAV systems

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Your energy savings is based on a lot of factors.

·         You might see significant reheat reduction if you’re moving less total air.

·         You’ll see a fan power savings by moving less air, but be cautious on pressure drop due to reduced AHU size and duct size, which can eat into the fan power savings. A VAV system sized for 450 fpm in the AHU operating most hours between 250-350 fpm may use less energy than a CAV system serving chilled beams where the velocity is 450 fpm all the time even if half as much air is being distributed.

·         There shouldn’t be much cooling savings. A little associated with reduced fan heat due to reduced air flow.

·         If you have a separate chiller that is providing warmer chilled water to the beams you should see some saving there too versus a central chiller that is generating 44F and then blending the water to 58F for the beams.

Here’s a link to the 2012 SimBuild conference paper “Issues Arising from the Use of Chilled Beams in Energy Models”.

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Hi all,

I have modeled chilled beams and conventional VAV systems for an office building. I am getting 28% lower annual energy consumption with chilled beams.

Has anyone done similar comparison? I would like to confirm if such energy savings are achievable with chilled beams??

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