[Bldg-sim] Mr.Comfy 0.21 released | Custom Spatial Thermal Metrics & Independent Daylight Visualization

Max D lists at spacesustainers.org
Thu Jun 26 06:58:34 PDT 2014

Hi friends,

I've recently released a new version of the Mr.Comfy E+ output spatial
visualization / analysis tool for Rhino5/GH3D and invite you to give it a spin;
a new feature that may be useful to the community here is the possibility to
create your own thermal report variable(s) from user input expressions:
http://mrcomfy.org/?p=866 (blog post); http://mrcomfy.org/?page_id=789

Besides custom expressions, the Daysim visualization component is now more
easily usable - independent of E+ data presence - and thermal display works a
lot faster than in previous versions.

Any input, comments & case studies are welcome; if you have visualizations
created with the tool and would like to share them on the site, I'd love to put
them out there. The latest case study of my own can be found in the blog:
http://mrcomfy.org/?p=857 .

Enjoy & all the best,


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