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[EnergyPlus_Support] Design Day/Run Control, Question: Link between IDF and Weather File Design Days

Design Day weather data can be embedded in the weather file or explicitly
input in the input file (idf file).

Does Design Day weather data in an IDF file overwrite those in the weather

We are still looking at how to put design day data onto the weather
file.  Even though we have a placeholder for it.  Current thinking is that
we will use the design day data available from the ASHRAE HOF along with
the location as the design data.  But, with 2001, the ASHRAE data is a
monthly data summary.

In any case, similarly to the Special Day designations, we will most likely
implement an object that will allow selection for most flexibility to the
user.  Again, we have not tried to implement the ASHRAE data, so as of yet,
we're not sure if it will be complete enough to specify a "design day"
weather profile for EnergyPlus.  So there may be an object needed that will
have "supplemental" data used in conjunction with the data available from

Another possibility will be to use the Run Control object (which was
introduced during the sizing calculations implementation) to "select" which
set of design days to use.  To review:
   A1, \field Do the zone sizing calculation
       \type choice
       \key Yes
       \key No
   A2, \field Do the system sizing calculation
       \type choice
       \key Yes
       \key No
   A3, \field Do the plant sizing calculation
       \type choice
       \key Yes
       \key No
   A4, \field Do the design day simulations
       \type choice
       \key Yes
       \key No
   A5; \field Do the weather file simulation
       \type choice
       \key Yes
       \key No

The 4th field could have different choices or additional choices here to
signify whether to use design days that are defined by the "Design Day"
object or from the weather file or not to run them at all.

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