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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Outside air controller

On 25 Jan 2002, at 8:20, habaza11@xxxxxx wrote:

> Thank you for your responce;
> E plus manual says  under outside air controller "The outside air
> controller includes a number of user selectable limit controls. If
> any of the selected limits are exceeded, the outside airflow rate
> is set to the minimum. If all the limits are satisfied, the
> outside air controller does the following: if the outside air
> temperature is greater than or equal to the mixed air temperature
> set point, the outside air flow rate is set to the maximum; if the
> outside air temperature is less than the mixed air temperature set
> point, the outside air controller will modulate the outside air
> flow so that the mixed air temperature will match the mixed air
> set point temperature." What about if we set the controller to
> check just enthalopy. will the above statement be aplicable. Thank
> you again. 

Yes.  The enthalpy limit determines if the outside air enthalpy is 
more beneficial than the return air enthalpy.  If so, then the 
economizer modulates to meet the mixed air dry bulb set point 
temperature, if possible within the limits of the specified maximum 
and minimum OA.


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