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[EnergyPlus_Support] HVAC/Equipment Specification, Limits?

Is there any limit of number of loops, branches (50), and nodes? Can E+ have multiple CHW loop? Can chillers running in series?

The flow resolver is based on the following assumptions and limitations:
    Each loop is only allowed to have a single splitter and a single mixer.
    Due to the fact that there can only be one splitter and one mixer on a given loop, it follows logically that there can be at most one bypass on each loop
    No other components may be in series with a bypass, i.e., a branch that contains a bypass may have no other equipment on that branch
    Equipment may be in parallel only between the splitter and mixer component of a loop or between one of those types of equipment and the loop inlet/outlet nodes
    Equipment may be hooked together in series in each branch of the loop
    Loops may have several inlet nodes or several outlet nodes
     Flow rates on individual branches will be controlled using maximum and minimum available flow rate limits

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