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[EnergyPlus_Support] Queries on Data Input


I've some queries on the following items when input the data:

1. At the "zone multiplier item", when I input the number is greater than 1, then the program will show me a error messagae --- this number shall equal or below 1. 
Please clarify this. 
But if this item must be 1, so how to do if I have many zones which are the same data at a typical floor for a building.

2. At the Surface:Heat Transfer item, I cannot input at the row of outsideface environment object, why? How to define it and is it automatically will detect which zone is at the another side? Any more detailed information can be referred?

3. If I want to zoning the floor (i.e interior zone and exterior zone), how can I do this? and which item shall be input?

4. At the report variable item, if I want to know the "total cooling load", is just only type the word at the space and the final result will show this variable at the report sheet? 


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