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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Output Results

On 21 Jan 2002, at 13:50, wlm@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Dear Sirs,
> After running the programme, I found that the results cannot
> reflect all the variables for me although I set it at the "report 
> variables". Please advise me. 
> From my view, I know that I can obtain the outputs from the
> variable list which is provided after running the programme and
> resulted in the format of *.RDD, is it right? 

The Report Variable objects control which variables are written to 
the .eso output file.  First, check the err file to make sure that 
there are no errors related to report variables.

A postprocessing program (ReadVarsESO.exe) reads the eso file and 
reformats the output data into the csv (spreadsheet) file.  There is 
an optional input file, .rvi, which can be used to control which 
variables are written to the csv file.  For example, if your 
EnergyPlus input file is named Project1.idf, you may have a file 
named Project1.rvi which contains a list of desired output variables. 
 If there is an rvi file present, then new report variables must be 
added to the list in the rvi file in order for the variables to be 
written to the csv file.  Or you can delete the rvi file and the 
postprocessor will write all report variables into the csv file.


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