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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] EnergyPlus weather data

At 10:34 AM 2/19/02, you wrote:
>Has anyone come across a good source of annual and design weather data
>suitable for use with EnergyPlus for sites outside the US?
>ASHRAE has a CD with world weather data, but the format is PDF (??).  Has
>anyone experience of using this data?  Any other sources?

Soon, very soon, you will have access to a TON of weather data, both design 
and annual.

ASHRAE has performed research into the IWEC data format (International 
Weather for Energy Calculations) and, after careful analysis, has released 
a CD of about 250 weather sites around the world.  In addition, we have 
gotten permission to make the processed data (EPW) available at the web 
site!  The EnergyPlus weather converter has been able to process IWEC 
format since the original release but the next release will see a few more 
header items including Design Conditions (as slurped from the ASHRAE 
Handbook for listed locations), and calculated "undisturbed" ground 

Additional converters will be made available in Release 1.0.1 for ESP-r 
weather data and DOE-2 Fmt data.

Hope this answers some of your concern?


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