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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Shading Surfaces (was Convex Zones and Cross Mixing)

Not a bug, but a feature which we need to document more clearly.  
There are two types of shading surfaces:

Surface:Shading:Detached  and  Surface:Shading:Attached

Contrary to the version documentation, both types of 
surfaces will cast shadows globally (but only in the hemisphere in 
which they face, see pp. 66-67 in the I/O reference).  The difference 
is that the vertices of detached shading are always interpreted as 
world coordinates, but the vertices of attached shading will be 
adjusted for building north axis, zone north axis, and zone origin if 
relative coordinates have been specified.  

So you should change your shading surfaces to be 
Surface:Shading:Attached and then they will rotate with the building 
north axis.  Note that this requires an additional field which 
identifies a base surface.  The base surface links the attached 
shading surface to a zone for the purpose of relative coordinate 


On 22 Mar 2002, at 16:04, Edward Lyon wrote:

> Thanks for looking close enough at my model to note my schedule
> error for surfaces:shading:detached. I expected these surfaces to
> be modified by Building north axis.   However, a 180 entry for
> north axis rotated my zone surfaces and left the
> surfaces:shading:detached in their unrotated positions.  Another
> Bug? 

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