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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] EP Launch

Ep-launch remembers its screen position and this is not reset during 
reinstallation.  What has probably happened is ep-launch got moved 
and is opening somewhere beyond the limits of your screen.  Here are 
two things you can try to put it back where you can see it:

1.  Increase your screen resolution and open ep-launch.  If you can 
see it, move it up to the upper left of your screen, then put your 
screen settings back to where you want them.  It should reopen in the 
same place from then on.

2.  Open ep-launch, right-click on the ep-launch button in the task 
bar and select "Move".  Press one of the arrow keys to begin the 
move, then click your mouse in the center of your screen.  ep-launch 
should jump to where you clicked the mouse.

3.  Close ep-launch and edit the registry.  Run regedit and search 
for ep-launch until you find the folder ...\EP-Launch\Location.  In 
this folder there are two keys which hold the Left and Top starting 
point in pixels from the upper-left corner of your screen.  Change 
them both to, say, 100 or so.  Then exit regedit and open ep-launch.

Please let me know if you were successful.


On 27 Mar 2002, at 22:07, vasudha lathey wrote:

>  After working sometime on Energy Plus, my EP Launch screen does
> not come up. It stays in a minimized position and a reinstallation
> of the program does not change that. Can someone help me on this.
> Thanks 

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