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[EnergyPlus_Support] Using Window5 data in EnergyPlus

If you have tried to use Window5 data in EnergyPlus, you probably have read the note on page 121 (approx) of the InputOutputReference.  It notes a bug in exported files and the need for hand editing in order to make it work properly.

I am happy to announce that this bug has been fixed by a recent upload of Window5.  You will need to replace your current Window5 with the new one.

WINDOW 5.02 is available free of charge from

Fixed in WINDOW 5.02 is the problem that the EnergyPlus data file from
Window5 had two lines concatenated. I.e., what was:

GLAZING SYSTEM OPTICAL DATAAngle     0    10    20    30    40    50
60    70    80    90 Hemis

is now correctly produced by WINDOW 5.02 as:

Angle     0    10    20    30    40    50    60    70    80    90 Hemis

Let us know if you have further problems using any of the outside data producing files!


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