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[EnergyPlus_Support] EnergyPlus V 1.0.2 now available

Now available on the EnergyPlus web site (www.energyplus.gov)
are both Windows and Linux versions of EnergyPlus V 1.0.2

Additions in this release version
These items have been addressed with this release:

1. Auto sizing of Plant equipment (Boiler, Electric Chiller, Cooling Tower,
Engine Driven Chillers)
2. Restriction for reveal on Triangular Windows, FullExterior (1.0.1) have
been removed
3. Ground Temperatures and Slab constructions have been redone (in the
Example Files) along the lines of the new Ground Temp Calc program
4. Ground Temp Calc program is included
5. User input of cooling and/or heating zone design air flow rates; mix &
match with calculated rates; subsequent sizing calcs work as if user input
were calculated.
6. Added simulation of a variable flow secondary loop and a constant flow
primary loop simulation using existing simulation structure.
7. New input file example for each new feature.
8. Reflection of beam solar radiation from outside and inside window reveal
9. Faster ReadVars program (post processing)
10. Bi-directional Shading devices
11. Warmest Zone supply air set point strategy; new Node output "System
Node Setpoint Temp"
12. Water-to-water heat pumps
13. Current Detached Shading is also aka Fixed Detached Shading and added
Building Shading (which will move with respect to building origin for
"relative" coordinates)
14. Simple Ventilation (addition of simple ventilation--similar to what was
done in BLAST with the addition of infiltration type coefficients to modify
the flow rate based on temperature difference and wind speed)
15. Linux Version

Linux Version
With this version, we introduce a Linux version available by separate
download.  This will be compiled versions of the EnergyPlus and ReadVarsESO
programs.  While not extensively tested, the Linux version has been run on
the full test suite and is showing only minor differences in most files.
Known problems
While every effort has been made to clean up all the "defects" that have
occurred during our testing, quite a few known (and even more unknown)
probably remain. In particular, all the "known problems" from the last
release have been addressed.  If you are super interested in what has been
addressed, the 22 issues resolved in this release are installed in the main
EnergyPlus folder  tab delimited file V1-0-2-ResolvedIssues.xls.  In the
release of 1.0.1, we noted the following issues.  All have been resolved.
     1.      RESOLVED -- Reveals in windows should not also specify the
     Solar Distribution "FullInteriorAndExterior" --  if it does the solar
     distribution will be reduced to FullExterior with a warning noted.
     This has a very high priority to fix  so you can leave the
     specification there and note the warning message.
2.      RESOLVED -- Ground Temperature calculation preprocess  at the last
minute before release, we found some show-stopping deficiencies.  These
will be corrected very soon.  In the meantime, using that option on the
install will put a small "notice.txt" file in your install structure.
3.      RESOLVED -- Several of the Test Suite results (ASHRAE RP1052
Analytical Tests) are farther out of line than we would like  we have not
tracked down all the causes yet.  They may be simple differences in some
assumptions with the test suites or may point to problems in EnergyPlus.
4.      RESOLVED -- Incorrectly defined surfaces (such as a floor which is
upside down) can cause invalid radiant exchange calculations. This
condition is reported with the following error message:
View factors not complete. Probably bad surface descriptions in zone


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