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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] ABT IDF FILE

Hi Sir,

  Thanks for clearing my queries.

        I have one more question...

If we have got IDF editor for creating a *.idf file then why we require a third party interface for EnergyPlus?



 "Michael J. Witte" wrote:

1)  When * is used, then the variable is reported for all occurences
of that variable type.  In the csv spreadsheet output file, the
headings at the top will identify the column with both the variable
name and the name of the specific object.  For example, if you have
three zones, named "East zone", "West zone", and "North zone", then
the csv output file will contain columns with the following headings:

EAST ZONE:Mean Air Temperature[C](Hourly)
WEST ZONE:Mean Air Temperature[C](Hourly)
NORTH ZONE:Mean Air Temperature[C](Hourly)

2.  EnergyPlus can simulate both conditioned and unconditioned
spaces.  Every space is considered unconditioned until HVAC equipment
is added to condition it.


On 16 Sep 2002, at 22:06, divyang sharma wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm trying to write the IDF file for my design.
>    I have got two doubts.
> 1)at the end of IDF file,there are commands-
>   report varaible,*,outdoor dry bulb,hourly;
>   report varaible,*,mean air temperature,hourly;
>   report varaible,*,Zone-Total Latent Gain,hourly;
>   .......
>   .......so on
>             now my question is-
> How these commands  generate the values required  for
> simulation with proper identifiaction?
> 2)my second question is-
>    Is Energy+ simulation is meant for Conditioned or
> Unconditioned Zones?
>                 Please give reply soon.....
>                                    Divyang   
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