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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Weather data for Dubai, UAE

At 01:50 PM 9/18/2002, John Patronis wrote:
Does anybody have a weather data file for Dubai (both design and typical
year data) ?

In the WorldDesignConditions, there is a  listing for Dubai -- we can probably generate design days using that, though I'm not sure when we will do that "automatically" within the EnergyPlus system.

The IWEC data set has a instance of weather data for Abu Dhabi.  Might that be close enough for you?  We expect to have all IWEC data back online by mid-October.

I may have another instance of Dubai but I'm not quite sure of the data source....

If not, and assuming that I eventually source the hourly data, how to I
generate the weather file from scratch ? What are the exact weather
parameters that I need and what is the sequence of these data in the weather
file ? The input/output reference manual talks about missing weather file
data on pgs 546 and 547 . Is that it ?

Those pages list the exact format for the EPW files.  You could also take an existing CSV output from the weather converter and use it as a template?

I have used ESP-r quite a bit in the past, but E+ seems much more demanding.

ESP-r format files can be accepted by the WeatherConverter so you "should" be able to take one of your existing ESP-r files and put it in EPW format.


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