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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] PV Problems

There are several problems with the PV simulation in v1.0.2.  

1. If more than one PV array is entered, the results for the last PV 
array are reported for all arrays.  So, until v1.0.3 is released, you 
must model only one PV array per idf file.  This problem will be 
fixed in v1.0.3.  

2. There was an error in the EnergyPlus defaults file which is used 
by the TRNSYS PV module.  This error severely limited the power  
output of the PV array.  A revised file, Eplus.def, has been posted 
in the files area of the EnergyPlus_Support group at 
www.yahoogroups.com  Download this file and replace the existing one 
in EnergyPlus\trnsyspv\.  

3. The Input/Output Reference states that the units for Maximum 
Inverter Capacity are [kW] while the IDD indicates that they are in 
[W].  With v1.0.2 and the revised Eplus.def file, the value will 
still be treated as [kW].  But when vesrion 1.0.3 is release, you 
will need to increase this value by a factor of 1000 to be in [W].  

4. The reported values for PV Array Electric Power Produced[W]	and 
PV Array Electric Energy Produced[J] are incorrect.  For v1.0.2 use 
only the values reported for PV Inverter Electric Power Delivered[W] 
and PV Inverter Electric Energy Delivered[J].  This will be fixed in 

Thank you for calling these problems to our attention.


On 11 Sep 2002, at 22:21, Michelle Smith wrote:

> Finally, has any one else used EnergyPlus to model PV performance? I
> used EnergyPlus and the results just didn't look right to me, so I
> used another program to compare. EnergyPlus wasn't even in the
> ballpark with regard to the energy produced. Additionally, I had two
> arrays of different sizes pointing different directions, and the
> results reported by EnergyPlus were exactly the same for both. Any
> thoughts?

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