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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Ground Temperature

At 02:23 AM 10/3/2002, Alexander wrote:
Dear Sir/Madam
What is the object GroundTemperature for? In comparison to the weatherfiles, it is not clear for which depth groundtemperatures in the IDF are stated- they are quite similar throughout the year.
Please could you help me with this problem.

The main point of reference for this answer is to read the section on "Ground Heat Transfer in EnergyPlus" in the Auxiliary Programs (aka OtherInformation) document in the documentation folder.

The GroundTemperature object then specifies the "outside conditions" (temperatures) for "ground" surfaces -- in V1.0.2, the preferred temperature is one directly beneath the slab.

The ground temperatures shown on the weather file are a hueristically calculated temperature based on the outdoor temperatures of that weather file and are included for information purposes.


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