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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Steady State Temperature

At 05:32 AM 10/11/2002, alexander.beisteiner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I would like to simulate the temperature in a room with an internal load
of 1000 W, the external temperature at constant 22 °C. I do not apply a
weather file but would like to estimate the steady state temperature in
that room. This requires a run period of several weeks. Which objects do
I need to define to get the required result. So far I can model only one

What you will need is to artificially prepare a weather file with the appropriate outdoor conditions.  Fortunately, this is fairly easy with the EnergyPlus WeatherConverter program (folder preprocess\weatherconverter)

Generate a .csv file of your appropriate location.  Take that file into Excel for easy editing, and replace the dry bulb temperature with your 22 C temps.  (You will need to determine an appropriate dew point as well).

Delete the rows beyond where you want the simulation to proceed (or not).  And ask the Weatherconverter program to convert a .csv file to the normal .epw file.

Then, you can use this as your weather file for the simulation.


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