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[EnergyPlus_Support] Urgent inquiry

Dear Sir,


I used energy plus to simulate the thermal performance of a three story building with basement and roof with a low temperature radiant heating and cooling system. The building has 32 zones in the first and second floor and one zone for each of the basement and the roof.  The building also uses desiccant dehumidification as part of its cooling cycle.  During the simulation I found the following bugs:-

1) Some of the “Autosize “ field cause errors like maximum plant loop volumetric flow rate and the hydronic tubing length though the manual specifies they are auto sizable.

2) After fixing all the errors and warnings, I receive the following message “EnergyPlus did not complete successfully. No eplusout.end file was created. Upon checking the error/eio files I find that there are no errors and all nodes and branches passed integrity test,

Program Version,EnergyPlus, 10/12/2002 8:39 PM

   ** Warning ** Condenser loops not found in Condenser loop manager

   ************* Testing Individual Branch Integrity

   ************* All Branches passed integrity testing

   ************* No node connection errors were found.”

In the eio file the program stops right after finishing the component sizing, the last of which is a variable speed pump

“Component Sizing, PLANT LOOP, HEAT PLANT LOOP, Volume of the plant loop [m3],   2.2500   

 Component Sizing, PLANT LOOP, COOL PLANT LOOP, Volume of the plant loop [m3],   2.2500   

 Component Sizing, PUMP:VARIABLE SPEED, HW CIRC PUMP, Rated Volumetric Flow Rate [m3/s],  0.57628E-03

 Component Sizing, PUMP:VARIABLE SPEED, CIRC PUMP, Rated Volumetric Flow Rate [m3/s],  0.16536E-02”

 I have been getting this message for the past week & I tried all sorts of things but am not able to figure out what is causing this. Can you please advice me as how to proceed from here? Or as to what the cause of the problem might be? Thanks a lot in advance for your support. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.


P.S. If you need me to email you a copy of the input file, please let me know.


Yours Faithfully,

Marwa M. Hassan



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