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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Re: Hello, EnergyPlus Users!!!

At 09:00 AM 10/14/2002, Monica wrote:
I've used the data for São Paulo, Brazil that was in the webpage. I'm afraid it had same errors...
Some other researchers that I've met told me that they had the same problems...
I've tryied to access it now and it wasn't available. Maybe it's because of that.
Later, I've used ASHRAE data and it works very well!

The data that was on the web page was the IWEC data published by ASHRAE recently (not sure if date is 2001 or 2002).  It's main problem (which you can find somewhere in these archives) was that the non-solar data was "off" by the difference to the location in GMT hours.  (i.e. if the location was GMT - 6, the non-solar (such as dry-bulb temperatures) would be off by that amount -- resulting in highs for the dry-bulb occuring perhaps in the middle of the  night and the lows in the middle of the day.

For continuously running systems, this would not be a big change in energy consumption but, of course, for residential runs or load calculations or places with setback operations, there could be a significant problem.

When we noticed this deficiency, the data was pulled from the EnergyPlus website AND ASHRAE was notified and...  the final result is that the new data will be regenerated and is close to final acceptance (more quality checks this time around!)

I'm trying to find the Ashrae's international data table that I've used, as soon as I find it I'll send it to you.

If you're talking about the design conditions here -- these have not changed.  And these are "available" in the Design conditions file that ships with EnergyPlus.  A more legible reading of those (using EnergyPlus design day format) will be available with or in addition to the EnergyPlus V1.0.3 release.


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