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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Coolong load simulation


Under certain conditions, this can occur.  In a climate with cool 
nights and hot days with massive construction, adding insulation to 
the outside of the mass can reduce nighttime cooling effects and 
cause an increase in cooling loads.  In this case, add the insulation 
inside the mass.  

Also, during moderate times of the year, more insulation can trap 
solar gains and internal loads and cause higher cooling loads.  But 
you should see a decrease in peak cooling loads.  In this case, the 
balance of heating load savings and cooling load increase determines 
whether more insulation is beneficial.

If you still think there is a problem, please send you idf file to 


On 14 Oct 2002, at 10:55, Solé Bonet, Josep wrote:

> I'm trying to use E+ to calculate heating load and cooling load.
> The model runs correctly in heating season (the correlation with other
> methods is quite good r2=0,98) but in cooling load I find some
> problems because when I increase the insulation level (other
> parameters are exactly the same) the thermal load increases. Is that
> logical?.
> Josep
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