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[EnergyPlus_Support] Inside surface heat balance did not converge

In my simuation result, there shows some warning message:
"Inside surface heat balance did not converge."
What kind of situation will possible be due to the warning
message??How can I solve it?

Other warning messages are:
"simHVAC:Maximum iterations exceeded for all the HVAC loops, CHICAGO
ILLINOIS SUMMER, 07/21 08:01"
Although this warning message showed, the temperature in each room is
fixed to 24C correctly.
Can we trust the result even the warning message showed?

Moreover, when I tried to add the data from 5F to 11F, 
Another warning messages showed:
"No equipment found in FindLoadRangeAndEquipList,
LoopDemand=1411622.224 operation Scheme=Central Boiler"
"No equipment list specified in ManagePlantLoopOperation--all
equipment turned off"
What the mistakes could be in this kind of case that the warning
message were different when I just change the floor data?

Thank you very much.

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