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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] EnergyPlus Validation

My initial guess would be that the convection coefficients being used 
by EnergyPlus do not match those assumed in the test specifications.  
In EnergyPlus, turn on the reporting for

Surface Int Convection Coeff
Surface Ext Convection Coeff

Then compare these with the specifications.


On 25 Oct 2002, at 8:17, Alexander Beisteiner wrote:

> Dear Sir/Madam
> I am validating EnergyPlus according to the VDI directive 6020. Tests
> require surfaces which absorption coefficients are zero, a constant
> external temperature and no solar radiation. In the case of one
> example a room has to be simulated with a load  of 1000 W, one time
> 100% convective, the other time 100 % radiant. While the radiant load
> produces an equilibrium temperature of about 52 °C (conform to the
> reference results of the directive) the convective load raises the
> room temperature to only 36 °C (reference temperature in the directive
> is about 50 °C). There is no doubt that the convective load causes the
> room temperature to increase quicker, but I wonder why the same load
> of 1000 W (either radiant or convective) produces such different
> equilibrium temperatures at constant external conditions. I would
> appreciate your help.
> Alexander Beisteiner
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