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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] space gains/weather data

At 04:43 AM 10/29/2002, nuno lourenço wrote:
In the examples files you provide with EP the field Air Velocity schedule
name has often (I did not see all the files) the same value (0,137).Is this
value calculated?if so how?

Remember, this is the relative air velocity used to calculate the thermal comfort values if you choose to do so.  I'm not that familiar with the calculations but you can find out more by looking at the Thermal Comfort section of the Engineering Document and the People object in the Input Output Reference.

I have another question about converting a DOE weather file to EP.
The one I have is *.bin but this extension isn´t valid in the weather
Is there another way to convert this file?

There is a utility that was provided with DOE-2 or available that will convert a .bin file to a DOE-2 "formatted" file.  I believe the utility was called wthfmt.  The weather converter can read the formatted files but not the .bin files. 

If you cannot locate a copy of the wthfmt program, you can send me (personally) the .bin file and I will convert it for you.


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