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[EnergyPlus_Support] Out of bonds again


In the weekend I made some changes in the materials.
It was little changes(adding one more layer) in some ceilings and floors..
The program ran but stopped in several days of March with the problem out of bonds again.
I also correct the tilt problem but it didn´t matter.The problem continues.
Now I have an almost error free program(I have errors because I didn´t model the Hvac system ans the out of bonds) which stops in particulary days.
The strange thing is if you ran the simulation for March for those days between the error days you get results in the some order of the previous and following month.
Now I even don´t know if the results from January to March and from April to December are correct.Are the results the program gives me possible and correct, a little lower or a little higher?
Best regards

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