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[EnergyPlus_Support] Comis and Energyplus

I downloded energyplus because I Need for my master  theses   (FEUP-Portugal)a thermal     and    natural    ventilation simulation program.
 But I don´t identify the result of Comis- natural ventilation -  In the file  .eio appears “Air Flow Model>Simple/Comis”- the option that is indicated is “Simple”; How you put in the  Comis Model? ( Comis is inside the Energyplus). Where is the internal Comis input file (eplusout.cif)?      

    The Comis(only) program have a interface more atractive and easy them Energyplus?

The Energyplus have a interface type IIsbat of Comis?

Do you think that I have advantages for download the Comis program?

Thank you.

Regardes Miguel Ferreira

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