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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Holidays

At 12:47 PM 11/8/2002, TangoJim wrote:
> >I would like the follow suggestion for a future
> >release of EnergyPlus:
> >
> >Add a conditional field for the condition when a
> >holiday falls on a weekend.
> >

Here's how it will be implemented (in V1.0.3 -- SOON):

There is a flag at the RunPeriod that will say Yes -- Apply "Weekend" Rule or "No" -- Don't apply weekend rule.

then, for any "single" date holiday/special day -- that is where you specify the date (4 July, for example) and that has a duration of 1 day, the apply weekend rule will use a Monday for the day type if the actual date falls on a weekend day (Saturday or Sunday).

For obvious reasons, some of the other special day designations (1st Sunday in March or 2nd Saturday in August), will not cause this holiday to roll to Monday.

Using it at the Runperiod will allow several run periods to be run at once with differing values for these kinds of days.

How does it sound?  (Just tested it and it seems to be working).


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