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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Daylighting calculation

The key here is that daylighting reference points are always relative 
to the zone origin.  If you are using world coordinates and put your 
zone origins all at 0,0,0, then your reference points can be in world 
coordinates.  But if the zone origins are not 0,0,0, the reference 
points must be relative to the zone origins.  That is the problem in 
this file.


On 28 Nov 2002, at 6:01, Linda Lawrie wrote:

> At 02:15 AM 11/28/2002, Clemens Felsmann wrote:
> >
> >the only daylighting information I have to enter are the coordinates
> >of the reference point. But always the results seems a little bit
> >strange to me. May be I have to enter entire geometry in relative
> >coordinates.
> You shouldn't have to do that.  However, if your zone origins would be
> different in a relative coordinate system, then you do need to enter
> those as relative in the Zone object.  V1.0.2 will give a warning
> message when you do.  V1.0.3 will give a similar warning message but
> note that these are used in the daylighting calculations.
> Linda
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