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[EnergyPlus_Support] Glazing Construction

I used E+1.0.1 to test several glazings and compared
the glass inside temperature with Windows5. E+'s
results are 3-5 degree C higher than those of

There are my assumptions:
Outside Temp: 32C   Air Speed: 3.5m/s
Inside  Temp: 23C   Air Speed: 0.1m/s
Simulation Date: Jul, 21. 
Weather Data : Chicago (This seems not matter.)

Temp setup in Windows5: outside 32C and inside 24C.

I campared the max inside surface temp of each glazing
system to that of Windows5, and the max surface temp
always happens in the afternoon of the west window.

In general, single-pane clear glazing, double clear,
double bronze have a inside surface temp difference
about 3C, high-transmission low-E and
selective-transmission low-E have a difference about
5C. Since I am considering the comfort of a person
sitting near the glazings, the glass temp is very
important to me. 

I suspect there are several reasons:
1. The accumulating effect in E+.
2. Sun angle. (However, this should results in a
decrease in E+.)
3. Reflection of short-wave radiation from inside or

How's your ideas? (The IDF files are attached.)


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