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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] modeling a supply air plenum


To model a supply (or return) plenum, you describe the plenum space 
as a separate zone, add a ZONE SUPPLY PLENUM object to declare this 
zone as a plenum, and then include the ZONE SUPPLY PLENUM in the ZONE 
SUPPLY AIR PATH list.  For plenum examples, see plenum.idf, 
PlenumwithRetAirHeatGain.idf and SupplyPlenumVAV.idf.

Do you really need to model the plenum?  That depends on your 
application and the goal of your modeling.  If the plenum is in 
contact with the building envelope, then it is probably important to 
model it.  If the plenum is completely interior, then it depends on 
how it impacts energy use and what your overall modeling goals are.


On 14 Jan 2003, at 16:35, Phelps, Andrew T ERDC-CERL-IL Contractor wrote:

> I am trying to model a 14" supply air plenum.  Any pointers on the
> best way to do this?  Is it really necessary to model this feature?
> Thanks for the help. Andrew Phelps

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