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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] Building of eight plans


In the ZONE object, the "Multiplier" field is used to replicate a 
zone.  In your case, you would enter 6 in this field for each of the 
four dwellings in your intermediate floor description.  This 
multiplier is applied to the zone heating and cooling loads (and any 
zone electric and gas use) before they are passed to the HVAC system. 
 If you are autosizing, the system sizes should be approximately 6 
times larger.  If you are not autosizing, then you need to specify 
equipment sizes adequate to meet the multiplied load.


On 15 Jan 2003, at 17:15, Cristina Castaño/LABEIN wrote:

> Hi,
> We are interested in modeling the entire building. We have used the
> multipliers for the intermediate floors but the results are almost
> equals. Does Energy Plus understand that there are six intermediate
> floors?. We think that we have not understood how to use the
> multipliers, could you help us,please?.
> Best regards,
> Cristina

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